Manu888 Online Casino Original Version vs Hacked Version

Manu888 Online Casino Original Version vs Hacked Version

Technology is an amazing tool that can be used for your daily lives.

Even Malaysia Online Casino has a huge rise because of this technology.

There are tons of website that you can pick and choose from.

Here are a few examples for you to pick from:

  1. Mega888
  2. Pussy888 2022
  3. Maxim888
  4. Evo888
  5. Manu888

The majority of this article will be mainly focusing on Manu888.

We will also be discussing on the Manu888 Online Casino Original Version, compared to the Manu888 hacked version.

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An Introduction to Manu888

Manu888 is known as one of the latest and newest Online Casino.

It is very similar to Mega888 Game.

This make it very favorable to players as Mega888 is a fan favorite game all across Malaysia.

This casino is known for the games that they provide.

They will only choose the greatest games to provide for players to play.


How can I download Manu888?

Downloading Manu888 is really quick and simple. All you need to do is to visit their website.

Once you are on the website, you will be able to download it onto your device.

You can also download Manu888 on any type of device you wish.

You can choose between IOS, Android, or Man.u888 apk for windows or pc.

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How can I get my Manu888 login?

Firstly, you will need to get your maya33 login by requesting for your ID.

You can request an ID through the online chat service, either through Telegram, Wechat, or whatsapp.

The chat service assistant will then help you to add your credits into your account.

The chat assistant will then pass you all of your log in details.

After you log in into your account, you will need to change the username and password.

Do make sure that your password is safe and secure, so that nobody will be able to hack you.

After following those steps, you can then play all of the casino online games that are available in Manu888.


Why is Manu888 Online Casino Original Version better than Manu888 Hacked Version?

Manu888 actually has two versions that players can currently access.

The more commonly used version is the Manu888 online casino original version.

The other version is the Manu888 Hacked version.

Here are a few reasons why players tend to stick to the Manu888 Original version:

1) Version and System Updates

    1. The developers of Manu888 original version always ensures that their players are able to get the best experience when they are gambling.
    2. In order to achieve this, they are constantly updating their app and servers to avoid any system malfunctions.
    3. Because of this, the website will hardly ever crash.
    4. The Manu888 hacked version will occasionally be outdated, and may be difficult to play at times.
    5. The website will also tend to crash due to the server being unable to handle the traffic of the players.

2) A safer online casino

    1. The Manu888 original version has a feature for being a top source of security for all of its players. All of the important and crucial information, such as the Username and Passwords are all protected.
    2. All crucial information is encrypted to ensure the utmost security and privacy of all of their players and users.

3) Original Online Casino Games

    1. Manu888 features online casino games that are original and fun to play. They have a wide variety of different types of games to choose from.
    2. It is one of the best websites for you to choose if you wish to have a lot of choices. They even offer the classical version and the progressive version.
    3. The hacked version will only feature backdated games. This is because it is easier to hack, and thus win. However, this may be risky as you are potentially being scammed or hacked in turn.

4) Reap bonuses and rewards

    1. The Manu888 original version has tons of bonuses that they give to all of their players.
    2. If you meet the minimum requirement for the bonuses, then you will already able to receive them. There are very little terms and conditions for the bonuses, and you can very easily claim them
      • New Member bonus : You will receive a small bonus if you are a new member. All you need to do is to register under the original version website, and you will receive a 30% bonus.
      • 10% Bonus from Deposit : When you place in your deposit, you will receive a 10% bonus. You will also gain a daily bonus if you login everyday.
      • Referral Bonus: You can gain a small bonus if you invite family and friends to join Manu888 original version. Just make sure that they input you code when they are registering. Both of you will receive a small bonus when they successfully create an account.
      • Free spins : In addition to getting free spins, you can also get free chips and free bets from time to time. Just be on a careful lookout for when these are available.

These are the reasons why Manu888 online casino original version is better when compared to the Hacked Version.

The hacked version of it is easier for you to be able to win games.

However, things will get tricky when you try to cash out.

The reason for this being that there will be hackers and scammers trying to get your money.



 All in all, the Manu888 original version is much better as compared to the hacked version.

You can even get bonus888 free credit when you claim them on time.

The hacked version is risky, and you may be at a potential loss if you are not careful.

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